About the film

This film project Japan – Philosophical Landscapes, is an open ended largely speculative exploration into Japanese culture, as much a search or quest as anything else. Rather than a documentary style exposition of Japanese culture in the style of this is how it is,Copernicus Films aims to show Japanese art through its landscape and concepts of Japanese landscape. This does not mean that it doesn’t spill over into other aspects of Japanese life and culture but again this will be refracted through the prism of landscape. Further blog posts will flesh out this idea. Japanese culture is about context .

this lens' photoThis film project started out as a 2 film documentary project wth the definite goal of releasing the films as DVDs as a complete project. However as time went by and as I worked more and more on the project it became clear that this is a work in progress project, forever in a process of development change and refinement more suited to the internet than anything else for the time being. As well as that there is a whole wealth of other material outside the films – diaries, blog posts and articles, snippets of information etc which feed back into the films and immanate from them to make up a collection of associated material which will create a kind of micro climate around the film which will have its own universe so to speak.

It wont be a traditional type look at traditional Japan. The project is more of an idiosyncratic take on landscape not so much as a subject of art but also landscape as a material for art or expression.

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